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Configuring the Social Sharing Buttons

All of the Salient Social settings can be found in the WordPress customizer. You can access the customizer by going to Appearance > Customize in your admin panel and then heading to the “Salient Social” tab.

In the options, you’ll find selections to control the social button coloring, the style (which is covered more below) and which social media sharing buttons you would like to use.

Social Styles

The “Social Buttons” page builder element currently has three different styles offered: All Visible, Fixed to screen and Show on Hover. A preview of how each will look is visible on the left.

For the social buttons which are automatically added to your blog posts/portfolio items, you can force the fixed to screen style or you can allow the theme to determine the style based on your theme settings. When using the “Determined by theme settings” option, these are the settings which will alter which style is ultimately chosen:

  • Blog posts: Determined by “Blog header type”.
  • Portfolio projects: Determined by use of “full width item layout”.