How to access the studio

You can access the studio by clicking the “Salient Studio” button on the top of the page builder
If you’re using on a fresh page, there will be an additional button for Salient studio here

Each template in our ever growing studio library can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly with one click. Combine them, rearrange them and customize them further as much as you desire. 

The Salient Studio User Interface

Sort the templates by categories
Click on the name of the template you wish to add to your page
A search function is also available if you want to use keywords to narrow further

Make sure you’re using Salient Visual Composer v5.0.1 or greater to see the studio in its full form, earlier versions won’t show preview images & won’t have categories.

Removing The Studio

Whether it’s because you want it hidden from your client after you’re done the design or if you just don’t want it at all, removing the studio is easy. In a child theme functions.php, add this snippet:

function nectar_generate_salient_studio_button() {
return false;
function nectar_custom_studio_templates_for_vc() {
return false;

That’s it – and if you ever need it again, just delete the snippet. Nothing will be affected.

Full template list

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