Salient Version 13

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Salient Menu Options

Robust power that’s accessible in an easy-to-use interface. The all-new suite of menu options brings stunning possibilities for menus.

Options are displayed in a modal to show only what’s needed & available on a given menu item.

Enhanced with user-friendly, visual controls where ever possible.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Make your ideas stand out online and take your menu to the next level by creating unique mega menus and dropdown layouts mixed with images, icons, and hover effects.

Say Hello To

Global Sections

Easily manage page builder templates in one location. Templates added within the Global Sections post type can be assigned to theme-specific areas or added into pages via a page builder element. Changes that are then made to the core template within the Global Sections post type will reflect automatically in all other areas that the global section has been assigned.

Global sections unlock many new exciting possibilities for managing content and even make it possible to replace the theme footer with a page builder template.

A very notable

WooCommerce Overhaul

Version 13 brings tons of new options and functionality to Salient’s WooCommerce integration. Below you will find some of the most notable highlights. For a detailed list of everything new, check out the changelog.

No˚1 – Off Canvas Cart Style

A new beautiful WooCommerce cart style with extended functionality has been added. The new cart is a big step up from the previously available styles:

  • Quantity selectors are provided for each cart item for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Revealed to customers automatically when items are added to the cart.
  • Available to use on desktop & mobile devices.

No˚2 – New WooCommerce Filter Area Functionality

Now you don’t need to choose between a sidebar or full-page layout for your products anymore – give your customers the option to filter only when they need to and keep your products in focus until then. The sidebar filter area now also can be made sticky for a more seamless user experience.

No˚3 – Advanced Product Ratings

Highlight your product reviews in a pleasing and clever manner by keeping the review form off-canvas until it’s needed.

No˚4 – New Product Gallery Style

A modern 2 column setup allows for your product images to be viewed efficiently while keeping the product information and purchasing options in sight at all times.

No˚5 – Related/Upsell Product Carousel

Increase your sales and improve your user experience by offering more relevant products to your potential customer.

So Shiny

New Demo

A modern eCommerce focused demo has been added and is now available to import. Featuring the latest high performance jaw-dropping elements that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


Now totaling 350

New Studio Templates

The collection of Salient Studio templates has been expanded to show off some of the latest element possibilities that v13 brings.

There’s still more

Additional Improvements

Performance Enhancements & New Options

Asset loading has been reworked to reduce CSS bloat by over 30%. Page rendering performance has been improved, JS & scrolling performance has been improved for silky smooth parallax effects. Optional global lazy loading for page builder elements has also been added.

More Global Layout Options

Customize more core theme aspects such as the overall container left/right padding, form styling (background color, border, text coloring), global button roundedness amount etc.

Navigation Dropdown Design Options

Option to define positioning relative to parent link and new styling options to fine-tune padding, border radius, and drop shadows.

Centered Mobile Navigation Layout Option

Optionally change the mobile navigation to display with the logo in the center, and accompanying menu buttons on left/right.

Post Grid Custom Query Support

Custom queries are now supported in the Post Grid page builder element – Pull the exact content you need from CPT’s and custom taxonomies.

Better Column Border Controls

You can now control the border for each individual side of a column separately for each viewport. This unlocks many new grid design possibilities that display differently as needed on mobile.