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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Nectarblocks, our latest innovation and second major product. After years of development, Nectarblocks is ready to revolutionize the WordPress website-building experience.

Why did we build Nectarblocks?

We wanted to provide an option for our users to integrate with the core WordPress editor and eliminate the need for a third-party foundation. Most popular builders create their own systems isolated from the core WordPress editor, which leads to many common headaches.

The problems with third-party page builders:

  • Compatibility: Third-party page builders rely on their own proprietary structures, which don’t always align with WordPress updates or other plugins. This can result in broken layouts, non-functional features, and a need for constant updates to maintain compatibility. Furthermore, as the WordPress ecosystem evolves, there is a risk that third-party developers may not keep pace, leading to long-term maintenance headaches. On the other hand, Nectarblocks builds on top of the core WordPress editor, making compatibility inherently more stable and yielding better compatibility with the latest WordPress features, updates, and plugins.
  • Performance: Third-party page builders can introduce significant performance issues due to the additional code they load. These builders often generate bloated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, increasing page load times and putting a strain on server resources. Editing content is also often laggy and requires constant loading due to their PHP foundation. In contrast, Nectarblocks is lightweight, built from the ground up on React/Typescript and utilizes the latest web technologies. It responds instantly to changes in the editor with no lag and provides an exceptionally smooth experience.
  • Stability: Page builders can introduce stability issues due to their reliance on external systems. These builders may contain conflicts with WordPress updates that can cause site crashes or malfunctioning features. Since they are not part of the WordPress core, troubleshooting and resolving issues can become complex and time-consuming.

Enter Nectarblocks

Built on top of Gutenberg, it transforms the WordPress Block Editor into a versatile, robust tool for crafting modern, responsive designs. Leveraging WordPress’s core, Nectarblocks ensures seamless compatibility with the widest array of plugins, and bypasses all common pain points of legacy builders.

nectarblocks wordpress editor

The features that you’ve been waiting for.

  • Block Collection: Nectarblocks provides an extensive array of versatile building blocks that make building websites a breeze. Each block is tailored to streamline website creation with robust control.
  • Responsive Editing: View and adjust your settings within a single toolbar, complete with real-time previews to ensure your site looks perfect on every device.
  • Design Library: Access a dynamic and ever-growing library of section templates, allowing you to quickly build upon professionally designed layouts.
  • Unsplash Integration: Seamlessly access to Unsplash’s over 1 million stunning, free images directly from the editor, making it easier than ever to find the perfect visuals for your site.
  • Endless Animations: Bring your website content to life with a wide range of animations, including entrance, hover, and scroll effects. 
nectarblocks wordpress color settings
Global styling settings with unlimited custom color schemes / typography rules
  • Performance and SEO Optimization: Built on a modern codebase, Nectarblocks ensures fast loading speeds and top-tier SEO optimization, helping your website climb search engine rankings.
  • Color Palettes: Choose from a selection of professionally designed color schemes that you can customize to meet your brand’s needs. 
  • 3D Transforms: Rotate, Scale, and Transform your objects to make stunning visual effects that captivate your audience.
  • Typography: Instantly preview fonts and create custom font rules throughout your website, ensuring a consistent and attractive typographic style. 
  • Importable Templates: Start with one of our beautiful pre-built templates, with many more to come, to jumpstart your design process.
nectarblocks wordpress templates
Professionally designed website demos, available to import in one click.

A New Era in WordPress Design

Don’t just take our word for it – experience Nectarblocks for yourself. Try a demo and see firsthand how easy and powerful Nectarblocks is.

Join the Nectarblocks Community

Our team believes building a website should be an enjoyable, creative process, and Nectarblocks is here to make that a reality. We can’t wait to see what you all build and how you will use it to bring your ideas to life.

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