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Post Configuration

  • Masonry Item Sizing This will only be available if you have your Blog Type option set to one of the Masonry choice within the Salient Options Panel > Blog > Styling tab.

Post Header Configuration

The header settings for the portfolio post type are similar to the ones in the page post type, only slightly more limited.

  • Page Header Image: Allows you to upload an image that will be shown in the Background of your page header. Since it will be displayed full width, make sure yo supply a decent size image in order to ensure a good viewing experience on desktops. e.g. 1600px wide by 350px tall (or whatever you have for your defined header height)
  • Page Header Height: This controls how tall your header will display on desktop displays. Enter the desired value in px but don’t include the “px”. e.g. “350”
  • Page Header Background Color: Allows you to set on optional background color for the page header
  • Page Header Font Color: Allows you to define your own color for the page header title/subtitle – the default is white

The following option will only appear when you have the Use Transparent Header When Applicable option turned on in the Salient options panel > Header Navigation > Transparency tab. To learn more about how the transparent navigation effect works please see this section in the documentation about it.

  • Disable Transparency From Navigation: Will deactivate the transparent effect from your header navigation when it would otherwise be enabled due to use a background color or background image on your post header.