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Some of the options in the styling tab also exist in the Salient WPBakery Page Builder blog element which you can set (differently if desired) on every instance you create in the page builder. These options include: Blog Type & Load In Animation. The options in here (theme options panel) will still be used on the posts page as you define in Settings > Reading of the WordPress admin panel and on all blog archive pages (category, tag, date etc.).

  • Blog Type Controls the format that your blog will display in e.g. sidebar, full width etc.
  • Masonry Style Will  be used whenever a masonry blog in displayed


Classic Enhanced

Meta Overlaid

  • Load In Animation Optionally select what kind of animation you would like for your posts to have when the user first reaches them
  • Blog Header Type The layout/style of your header which will be used in the single post page

Variable Height & Meta Overlaid

Variable Height Minimal

Fullscreen With Meta Under

  • Hide Sidebar on Single Post Will remove the sidebar widget area in the single post page which is there
  • Hide Featured Image on Single Post Will remove the featured image from displaying at the top of your single post pages. Can be useful if you want to set page headers with the same image
  • Archive Header Background Image Optionally set an image which will be as the default BG image on all of your post archive pages (category,tag,date etc.)


  • Author’s Bio display an author bio section at the bottom of the single post page
  • Automatic Post Excerpts This will automatically limit the number of words shown in each blog post item outside of th single post page. Useful if using masonry layouts or if you want a cleaner look, but don’t want to manually set the Excerpt field in each of your posts
  • Next Post Link On Single Page This will add a full width link to the next post at the bottom of every single post page. The BG of this section will show the page header image of the next post (if supplied).
  • Display Tags Optionally enable the post tags to display at the bottom of the single post page
  • Display Full Date This will add the year to the date post meta on all blog pages
  • Pagination Type This gives you the choice to change between the default pagination and the infinite scrolling option
  • Display Pagination Numbers If using the default pagination option, will change the regular next/prev arrows which display to a more intuitive pagination with page numbers.
  • Custom Recent Posts Title This is be used anywhere you place the recent posts shortcode with the default style selected e.g. Recent Posts
  • Custom Recent Posts Link Text This is be used anywhere you place the recent posts shortcode awith the default style selected e.g. View All Posts