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All of the options in the Theme options panel > Contact tab are related to adding a Google map into the contact page template. These existed before the Salient Visual Composer page builder was added into the theme, which also contains an element to add a Google Map. Therefore the only reason to use these options as opposed to the page builder map element is if you prefer so or if you need to add HTML in any of the map infowindows as these allow it, while the page builder version won’t be able to process it.

  • Default Map Zoom Level Value should be between 1-18, 1 being the entire earth and 18 being right at street level.
  • Enable Map Zoom In/Out Do you want users to be able to zoom in/out on the map?
  • Map Center Latitude Please enter the latitude for the maps center point.
  • Map Center Longitude Please enter the longitude for the maps center point.
  • Use Image For Markers Do you want a custom image to be used for the map markers?
  • Enable Marker Animation This will cause your markers to do a quick bounce as they load in.
  • Location #1-#10 These allow you to input the latitude, longitude and infowindow text
  • Greyscale Color Toggle a greyscale color scheme (will also unlock a custom color option)