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  • Theme Skin The theme skin will change various aspects of the theme to give a different overall feel. Ascend was a minimal revision of the original Salient styling. The main differences between Ascend and Original are:
    • Search bar style fullscreen on Ascend, full width but constrained to the height of your header navigation on the on Original
    • Form Styling Inputs are shown only with outlines for a minimal look on Ascend.
    • Theme icon styling Icons in the header for search, shopping cart, and off canvas nav in addition to arrow icons through the theme in controls/pagination are thinner and more consistent in Ascend.
  • Button Styling This will change the general button styling on your site. Note that specific nectar button styles in the Salient visual composer builder will override this option. e.g. Some 3D animated buttons will not change to a rounded style.
  •  Theme Icon Style Sets the global styling for theme icons used for menu icons such as shopping cart, search and theme elements such as nectar love, portfolio single navigation etc.
  • Overall Background Color Sets the background color of the website content area that will be seen throughout your website
  • Overall Font Color Sets the font color of the website content area that will be seen throughout your website
  • Body Border (Passepartout) This will add a border around the edges of the screen on your website – once turning this option on further inputs will appear which will allow you to define the size and color of the border


  • Back To Top Button This options controls whether or not to enable a back to top button on your pages. This gives users a quick way to get to the top of page after scrolling down for a while
  • Keep Back To Top Button On Mobile By default the Back to top button is removed on mobile devices, this allows you to keep it present if desired
  • One Page Scroll Support (animated Anchor Links) Enabling this option will cause any anchor links you have to animate instead of jumping to the section immediately. There’s also a tutorial on how to set up anchor links below if you’re unfamiliar with what they are
  • Enable Responsive Design Will allow your website to reformat to always use space appropriately on mobile devices. Provides the best viewing expeirince for your user and is highly reccomended
  • Extended Responsive Design This will enhance the way the theme responds when viewing on screens larger than 1000px & by increasing the max width of the main container.
  • Max Website Container Width: When using the extended responsive design your container will scale to a maximum width of 1425px, use this option if you’d like to increase that value.
  • Theme Lightbox This allows you to select your theme lightbox script which will be used for every area a lightbox is called e.g. Image Galleries, Lightbox only portfolio elements etc. fancyBox3 is the newer of the two options and is more mobile friendly.
  • Auto Lightbox Image Links This will allow every image you have linked to a larger version of itself to open via the theme lightbox instead of the usual new page
  • Disable Parallax Backgrounds On Mobile Devices This will remove the parallax scrolling effect from your row backgrounds/page headers that use the option.
  • Disable Video Backgrounds On Mobile Devices This will remove all self hosted video backgrounds from your rows/page headers that use them on mobile devices and cause the supplied preview image to be shown instead.
  • Column/Image Animation Easing Use this option to set the easing function which will be used for all animations set on Salient Visual Composer Columns & Single image elements.
  • Column/Image Animation Timing The sets the amount of time it takes to complete each animation on Salient Visual Composer Columns & Single image elements. Enter desired time in milliseconds e.g 650