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Some of the options in the styling tab also exist in the Salient Visual Composer portfolio element which you can set (differently if desired) on every instance you create in the page builder. The options in here (theme options panel) will still be used on all portfolio archive pages.

  • Main Layout Sets the main portfolio layout
  • Project Style Choose from any of the styles below to display your projects in

Meta on hover + entire thumb link

Meta on hover w/ zoom + entire thumb link

Title overlaid w/ zoom effect on hover

Meta from bottom on hover + entire thumb link

Meta Overlaid – Bottom Left Aligned

Meta + 3D Parallax on hover

  • Masonry Style This will allow your portfolio items to display in a masonry layout as opposed to a fixed grid. You can define your masonry sizes in each project.
  • Masonry Grid Sizing Allows you to select the grid layout for your masonry portfolio. This will change the dimensions of the “Masonry Item Sizing” field you choose for your projects in the project configuration metabox. After changing this, you will need to run the regenerate thumbnails plugin to recrop any featured images that are already uploaded. You must upload your images at a minimum of these dimensions or larger – uploading smaller than the size chosen will result in an incorrect layout.

    Square Based Grid

    Masonry Size Dimensions
    Regular 500×500
    Wide 1000×500
    Tall 1000×500
    Wide & Tall 1000×1000

    Photography Based

    Masonry Size Dimensions
    Regular 450×600
    Wide 900×600
    Wide & Tall 900×1200
  • Display Filters Horizontally This will allow your filters to display horizontally instead of in a dropdown.
  • Single Project Page Navigation Allows to you select where you would like your project single navigation to display
  • Load In Animation Optionally select what kind of animation you would like for your projects to have when the user first reaches them


  • Portfolio Sidebar Follow on Scroll When supplying extra content, a sidebar enabled page can get quite tall and feel empty on the right side. Enable this option to have your sidebar follow you down the page. Only applies when not using the full width project layout, which is set in the project metabox
  • Display Dates on Projects Toggle whether or not to show the date on your projects.
  • Portfolio Pagination Choose whether or not to use pagination on your portfolio
  • Custom Slug If you want your portfolio post type to have a custom slug in the url, please enter it here. You will still have to refresh your permalinks after saving this! This is done by going to Settings > Permalinks and clicking save.
  • Custom Recent Projects Title This is be used anywhere you place the recent work shortcode e.g. Recent Work
  • Custom Recent Projects Link Text This is be used anywhere you place the recent work shortcode. e.g. View All Work
  • Custom Portfolio Page Sortable Text By default the text shown in your portfolio filters will say “Sort Portfolio”. If you’d like to change this, enter your desired text here
  • Main Portfolio Page URL This will be used to link back to your main portfolio page from the single project pages i.e. The portfolio page that you are displaying all project categories on. If your “Back to all” button in your single project navigation is not leading anywhere, make sure you’ve entered the URL here
  • Single Project Nav Arrows Limited To Same Category This will cause your single project page next/prev arrows to lead only to projects that exist in the same category as the current.