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Dual column

A modern 2-column setup allows for your product images to be viewed efficiently while keeping the product information and purchasing options in sight at all times.

Scroll stacked

Allows your users to scroll freely through your product images while keeping the product information and thumbnails in sight at all times.

Enhanced slider

Similar to the structure of the default WooCommerce single product layout, but finely tweaked and enhanced with touch-enabled sliders. The product thumbnail slider acts as a navigation for the main gallery slider situated above it.

The ultimate shopping cart

  • Powered by AJAX (no page reloading).
  • Quantity selectors for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Revealed automatically as items are added to the cart.
  • Available to use on desktop & mobile devices.

Product carousels

Touch-friendly product carousel sliders with customizable options for column sizing as well as query parameters to fine-tune the products that are displayed.

Salient WordPress theme WooCommerce product carousel

Product quick view

Give your users a smoother, more intuitive experience by allowing them to see more product information and add items to the cart without leaving their current location.


filter layout

No need to choose between a sidebar or full-page layout for your products anymore — give your customers the option to filter only when they need to and keep your products in focus until then.





product ratings

Highlight your product reviews in a pleasing and clever manner by keeping the review form off-canvas until it’s needed.

Category grids

Easily create flexible category grids for your products. Control the column amount, auto masonry layout, coloring, text alignment, spacing, and more.


product search

Search functionality with multiple layout options capable of bringing up product results in real-time.

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