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The Salient Page Builder is a highly tailored version of the popular plugin WPBakery Page Builder. Using it unleashes the true power of Salient as many elements are unique and handcrafted exclusively by ThemeNectar. Below is a guide of the various sections of the interface, hover over the hotspots to get familiar with where things are located.

Toggle to switch between page builder interface and classic WordPress editor
Row column layout selection, from here you can select what column layout will be used for the row
Row controls: The pencil icon will bring up all row configuration options, the next icon allows you to clone the row and the trash icon will delete the row
Column controls: The plus icon allows to you add more elements into the column, the pencil icon will bring up all column configuration options and the trash icon will delete the column
Element controls: The pencil icon will bring up all element configuration options, the next icon allows you to clone the element and the trash icon will delete the element
Add new element to the page
Custom CSS Box, enter any page specific css needed here
Toggle to the front-end editor mode. If you’re not seeing this option, ensure you’re using a current version of the WPBakery page builder plugin (v5.6+ is required)
Toggles to the WordPress 5.0 block editor mode
Opens the Salient Studio template library – a collection of predesigned sections exclusively from ThemeNectar which you can insert into your pages
Back/Forward history state controls for every change in the page builder

Not seeing the Salient page builder?

Verify that you have the Salient WPBakery page builder plugin installed and activated. Check out our docs on installing plugins here.

Not seeing the option for front-end editing?

Please ensure you’re using v10+ of Salient and v5.6+ of the Salient WPBakery page builder plugin. In older versions, this will not be available. Check out our v10 release article here in regards.

Element List

  • Row The bread and butter of working in the page builder. All elements must be contained within columns and all columns within rows. Please see the row section in the documentation for more information.
  • Nectar Slider The slider made by ThemeNectar Exclusively for Salient. Hardware accelerated, touch-enabled, parallax effects & responsive. To learn more about this element, please see the Sliders section of the documentation
  • Portfolio Queries for portfolio projects to display based on your configuration options. Many of the options in this element are
  • Recent Projects Similar to the portfolio element, except offers different options and is meant for featuring small groupings of projects rather than displaying a full grid
  • Blog Queries for blog posts in your desired style based on the configuration options you choose
  • Category Grid displays a grid of post or product categories in your defined styling options. Images for each category are pulled directly from the “Category Thumbnail Image” field, which can be found by heading to Posts > Categories and then selecting “edit” when hovering over your desired category
  • Recent Posts Similar to the blog element except that it offers different options/styling and is meant for featuring small groupings of posts rather than displaying a full “blog” section
  • Image With Hotspots Allows you to place hotspots on top of an image that show tooltips when hovered/clicked.
  • Icon Adds an icon to your page. Multiple icon families available and many styles are offered.
  • Text With Icon Allows to you quickly place an icon of your choosing to the left of some text
  • Fancy Unordered List Adds extra styling to the unordered list added within the element. Gives you the option to place a custom icon in place of the browser default bullet
  • Button Will create a Nectar Button in any of the available theme styles. Prior to Salient v7.5 this only existed as a nectar shortcode, however, in current version you have access to it in the Salient WPBakery page builder
  • Text Block A simple element that provides an editor for you to add text. The nectar shortcode generator will also be available in this.
  • Separator With Text Allows you to center some text within a separator border
  • Image Gallery A powerful and versatile image gallery solution. Multiple styles are offered – Please see the image gallery section in the documentation for more information on using this element and harnessing all the power it has to offer.
  • Widgetised Sidebar Loads a widget area section which is configurable from the Appearance > widgets section in the WordPress admin panel
  • Video Player Places a video embed from a URL you supply
  • Raw HTML Allows you to place HTML in a textarea which will parse it on the front of your website
  • Raw JS A Textarea where you can write javascript which will be used on the page
  • Pie Chart A Circle progress bar
  • Progress Bar A standard horizontal progress bar
  • Split Line Heading Each Line of in the editor for this element will be animated in separately. Separate text with the Enter or Return key on your Keyboard
  • Divider Creates a divider which can be used to create blank space or separate two elements/sections
  • Single Image Places a single image with an optional css animation
  • Cascading Images Stacks images on top of each other with offsets as you define
  • Image Comparison Takes two images and gives the user a drag bar to slide left to right which will reveal/hide each of the images. Great for before & after shots
  • Centered Heading A simple way to center a heading
  • Video Lightbox Creates a play button or a nectar button which will open a lightbox displaying the Youtube/Vimeo video URL you supply
  • Milestone An animated number with a label used to highlight a statistic or company milestone. E.g. 203 pizza’s eaten.
  • Google Map Creates a Google map which can display focused around any location and show map pins. Remember that you need to supply a Google API key in order to have access to this. Learn more in the theme options panel documentation
  • Team Member Displays an image of your choosing with name/job position. Offers multiple different styles/formats
  • Fancy Box A box that allows a BG image with a hover effect and an optional link at the bottom. Great for listing services or a quick call to action
  • Flip Box A content box that allows you to show content on both sides – will flip in 3D when hovered over
  • Gradient Text Allows you to add text which will have a gradient color. You can choose from either of the gradient colors you’ve defined in your theme options panel
  • Animated Title A simple element that will animate in a header of your choosing when scrolled in view by the user
  • Toggle Panels Allows you to reveal more content by clicking on the heading you define. Can also be linked to by adding ?toggle=your-toggle-name onto your URL. If your toggle has spaces, convert those to – when forming the URL. In the example of a toggle named “Working with the best” the URL would look like:
  • Tabs Offers you a tabbed user interface for content – multiple styles available. Also can be linked to by using the same method as above described in the toggle element, except instead of adding “?toggle=” onto your URL it would instead be “?tab=”.
  • Testimonial Slider Create a slider for your testimonials – available in multiple styles and can display one of multiple testimonials.
  • Clients Display Gives you an easy way to display a series of client logos.  Can be displayed in a grid with the column number of your choosing or in an automatically rotating carousel.
  • Icon List Creates a vertical list of text blocks with an icon to the left. Allows you to choose icons for the list or display numbers for each.
  • Page Submenu Creates a horizontal page menu that can be used to link to anchors on the current page or link anywhere else you desire. Can be fixed to the top of the user’s screen once scrolled by or stuck in place where it lives on the page. Many pages in this documentation make use of it (the blue sticky menu bar). If you’re interested in learning more about creating anchors on a page to scroll between check the One Page Scroll Support section in this resource.
  • Pricing Table Creates a pricing table that can display in 2,3,4 or 5 columns. Available in multiple styles.
  • Carousel Creates a carousel for you to place your desired content in. The two options you have to power this are Caroufredsel and Owl Carousel. Owl Carousel is the recommended option in the current version of the theme since it will give you more control over the carousel columns.
  • Social Buttons Adds your desired social buttons to the page – these buttons will actually share the current page URL to each respective social service.
  • Morphing Outlines A fancy design element useful for Call to actions – will change from a circle to a square or vice versa when hovered depending on what selection you have for your button styling in the theme options panel > general settings tab. 

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